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Radio Luxembourg

The name of the city of Luxembourg has always evoked in my mind a story I have heard numerous times from my parents. It used to come out in the stories of so many people of the same or similar age, which probably makes it a “personal” memory of the whole generation. This is a simple story telling how during the 1960s, 1970s till the early 1980s, when communism was strong, the iron curtain far from silk, information very scarce and my parents young, the most popular radio station was Radio Luxembourg –

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a 24-hour radio station with the hottest pop & rock music hits. A whole generation was listening to that radio, made parties with its “forbidden” music, recording it, talking of it as of some mythical entity.
I don’t know was this radio really broadcasted from Luxembourg or was it only having this name, was it a state or private station, does it still exist or not, neither do I care.

My idea is to somehow close the circle of time, history and personal memory by bringing to Luxembourg the sounds and music that my parents’ generation was “allowed” to listen to, but didn’t want to. The project involves installing a loudspeaker in one street in the city such as those installed in the streets of Bulgaria during communist times and broadcasting an original Bulgarian National Radio programme from 1969.

Pravdoliub Ivanov