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Take from this sentence as much as you can carry
Disciplined ejaculation
Freedom is passing us by
Nature is a masochist
The tree of my desire is a bonsai
Metaphor is a haulage  companyCivilization is habit
It is easier to believe than to work
They spoke English in Babylon
Love is a liquid
If Information is a line then it is wider than it is long
Revolutions start from the stomach, guess where they end up
The Iron Curtain is up, the play has begun
Don’t read – contemplate
Erase after reading
What do you call a ladder with no steps?
Information and Vice copulate on the Internet
A flight over the outline of meanings
Fuck the leaders so they breed new leaders
The chaos of desire is ordered by disappointment
Do you think 69 was better than 96?
Transformation always takes time and energy
Don’t forbid us to be poor!
My colon is black box
Too many premonitions come true
Memory is muscle
To whom it may concern: don’t be so naive
The cynical power of compassion